What if instead of a job you were looking for a mission?

A mission to help people who are solving not just interesting problems but real problems with a high impact.

We at Parallel help build better products & services without wasting time or budgets.

Sound Interesting?

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Parallel Labs is not a traditional design agency but an antithesis of one. We help teams create better products in weeks (not months or years) by using design sprints.

We are actually the proud pioneers of design sprints in India and some of our team members are trained on the process by Jake Knapp himself. So far we have done over 20 design sprints and worked with companies like Facebook, Equifax, PayU, etc.

We are looking for people who are not just good at what they do, but also very passionate about it. Just like we are.

How about spending a few minutes to watch the video below to understand what is a design sprint and how it works? (If you are passionate about design like us, you will love it!)

Jonathan from AJ&Smart explains Design Sprints

Now that you understand how we work, we hope you are excited about being a part of our team.

We don’t believe in “Culture-fit” but rather diversity. Our design team is highly collaborative and moves fast on executing new ideas & prototypes.

We are a team of motivated individuals that help each other do remarkable things every day. We’ve worked hard at building the ideal workspace to bring out the best in everyone and all we care about is you build some great stuff with us.


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